Sunday 4 September 2011

Beer Bottle Houses

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As people move to more sustainable ways of living, some innovative architects have begun using recycled materials to create more environmentally-friendly habitats. Incredibly, beer bottles have become a primary means of this style of building, with far-ranging benefits including cheap construction, recycling and up-cycling, pollution reduction, natural solar power lighting, and natural insulation.

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Anonymous said...

I once read an article during the the 1980's regarding this same idea. A bottle house was introduced in the Caribbean sometime during the 20th century. My memory is not very clear, but the Heineken beer company made square beer bottles. The company targeted the Caribbean area because importing wood to build homes on the islands was very expensive. Unfortunately, the idea never flourished and the brewery stopped selling beer in square bottles. I have always wanted a beer bottle house. I think it would be great here in Hawaii.

archerJ said...

There was a sort of fusion type bottle house with concrete in OK in the 80's near Blanchard in a small community known as hippie hollar:. Some of it still stands it was extraordinary.