Thursday 16 June 2011

True Abstract Art, Or A Fake?

Abstract art. Is it really art or is it something any second grader could make during playtime?
UCLA researcher Mikhail Simkin created a site where people can guess whether the images in question are great pieces by famed abstract artists or just some random crap that he himself created.

Some of the images on the site are true masterpieces of Abstract Art. They carry profound meanings, which are, however, beyond the apprehensions of the vulgar. The rest were produced by the author of the quiz. They mean nothing. I scored 58%.

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Anonymous said...

This one is more difficult:

mister anchovy said...

It's fascinating to me that even now, so long after the fact, some folks are so disturbed and repelled by the ideas of Modernism and the Avant Guarde that they revel in the hope of debunking much of the creative thought of the last century as being the very same as random crap that any old monkey could create blindfolded. Those darned charletons, trying to hoodwink the public with those tricky abstract images. Scandelous.

Fortunately for those who prefer art that doesn't challenge their imagination, we have Thomas Kinkade, the so-called painter of light, as well as many other sources of saccharin schlock available at reasonable prices, signed by the artist.

exp_err said...

Interesting! I got 83% in both. In the first quiz, I recognised most of the real art, having seen them in galleries or prints. In the 2nd case, I had no idea and had to judge on perceived artistist merit, so I was quite surprised to do so much better than chance!