Saturday, 7 May 2011

No Joy

Joyland Amusement Park opened in Wichita, Kansas, United States on June 12, 1949, and was in continuous operation until 2004. The park was founded by Lester Ottaway. In the late 1960s the park was sols to Stanley and Margaret Nelson. The park was showing its age with many attractions requiring extensive repairs when the Nelsons shut it down in mid 2004.

Since the park closed it has been subjected to numerous incidents of vandalism and looting. Nearly every building in the park is covered with graffiti and the vintage sign from the top of the roller coaster has been stolen.

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(thanks Cora)

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Cool Breeze said...

I'm from the Wichita area and remember going to Joyland when I was little. interesting, and kind of eerie, to see it again in the video and the shape it is in now.

Eninha Campos said...

Lovely. love it!