Saturday 21 May 2011

Heavy Traffic

A time-lapse video showing heavy traffic at Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The original footage was about an hour and 10 minutes. Reduced to 2:30 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

This is sick, and it kinda makes me sick, too. It´s one out of 1000s of airports, and every moment 100000s of planes polluting our earth. Maybe it really is time for judgement day

Gareth said...

Why bother with the full hour? It's basically the same few seconds of video over and over again.

Oh and a question for the first anonymous poster. Have you ever flown? Yes? And I'll bet your journey was really necessary wasn't it? But all these other people are just doing it for fun, right?

A thought for you: An airliner burns less fuel per passenger per mile than the average automobile with a single occupant.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gareth! I am the same poster as the first one. Yes, once I flew (I am only 20, though), it was not necessary, it was our holidays after we graduated. I tried to convince my mates not to fly and instead go somewhere by train, but it didn´t work out. I´m not judging anyone who flys on vacation every once in a while. But there are so many people who don´t give a crap about anything else besides themselves, including the environment. And that´s what makes me sick. Oh, and thanks for your great advise, I am exactly the kind of person who goes by car even if I could walk. Besides, your comparison has no point, I don´t know anyone who goes on vacation alone!