Saturday 14 May 2011


Flightradar24 shows live air traffic, from different parts around the world. The technique to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. That means the can only show information about aircraft equipped with ADS-B transponders. Today about 60% of the passenger aircraft and only a small amount of military and private aircraft have an ADS-B transponder.

Flightradar24 has a network of about 250 ADS-B receivers around the world that receives plane and flight information and sends this information to a server, and then displays this information on a map. At the moment, Flightradar24 covers about 90% of Europe. There is also some coverage in USA, Australia and Middle East.

(thanks Cora)

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Anonymous said...

It's hardly unique, there are plenty of sites using the same information. Try for example.

Been using that to entertain my son for quite a while. We get a lot of air traffic over our house and sometimes he'll say "I wonder where that one's going" so we'll go an look it up.

The one thing we have noticed is how often the flight information out of date. Quite often the flight information has not been updated. So a plane flying over the UK will show up as being on route from, say, Islamabad to Dubai.