Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Planes Used During World War I

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Although Kitty Hawk would become home to the first manned flight of human kind, the Germans would take these physical parameters into a whole new realm. As the skies offered another battlefield in which to kill and mame, countries that did not embrace this new arena were quickly left behind.

During the first world war, the Germans would gain an early edge over most of the Allies as concerned with WWI aircraft. Planes used during World War I became designed around the many German models, which would help the Allies win many later battles of the global war. There are many WWI planes that were important during the war although some played far greater roles than others.

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Cruiselife & Co said...

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Anonymous said...

"Although Kitty Hawk would become home to the first manned flight of human kind"

No it wouldn't.

It might just be considered the first powered heavier than air flight. Although many wouldn't consider the Wrights' first flight any more than a hop.

Lighter than air flight was first successful in 1783. Un-powered heavier than air flight was pioneered by George Cayley some fifty years before the Wright brothers managed powered flight. Indeed many experts believe that Cayley would have achieved powered flight had a suitable source of motive power been available before his death in 1857.