Tuesday, 12 April 2011


eyeCard is a magnifying glass, no bigger than a credit card. With a 2.5-fold magnification the card allows you to work with both hands. Now you can finally read the small print even when you're out and about. The eyeCard measures a flat 2mm and weighs a mere 5g so you'll be able to carry it with you in your wallet or purse.

Just clamp it to your nose to see the tiny writing on tickets, timetables, and leaflets with a clear and distortion-free 2.5-fold magnification. The flexible nose section prevents the eyeCard from slipping.

(via J-Walk Blog)

2 comment(s):

WordyGrrl said...

So you can stash this in your purse just as you would regular pair of reading glasses? Except that you can stick it on your nose and lose several dignity points in the process?

Gee whiz! I'll take two!

Brian K said...

Wow. It's convenient, easy to carry, hands free, and makes you look absolutely stupid too. Impressive.