Wednesday 23 February 2011

If U.S. Cities Had Kept Their Original Names

A map showing what some U.S. cities would be named if they had kept their original names. The names are not all correct. I don't know about most of the cities mentioned but I do know something about the original Dutch names.

Fort Goede Hoop is actually Fort Huys de Goede Hoop. It is now Hartford, Connecticut. New York wasn't called New Amsterdam but Nieuw Amsterdam. They also forgot some names like Fort Casimir which is now New Castle, Wiltwijck which is now Kingston, and
Swaanendael which is now Lewes, Delaware.

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Aestiva (C. Kuennen) said...

Delawarean here, Would just like to acknowledge your impressive knowledge of Dutch settlements in my home state. We also had the Swedes here for awhile; all until the English dominated everyone. Cheers.. .