Friday 7 January 2011

The Rules For Wearing Flip-Flops

Scooting around Hawaii last week, President Obama broke one more historic barrier by setting a new benchmark for the limits of presidential casual wear. He was wearing flip-flops. Some say he shouldn't have done that. Others say it's allowed. So, was he doing the right thing? Although one should never wear flip-flops between October and March, he was on vacation. On vacation flip-flops are allowed.

To make sure there's never any confusion on this matter again, here are the rules for when it's appropriate to wear flip-flops.

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

It's cool to wear brown flip flops, especially in Arlington VA. Thats just across the river from DC. Just listen to Goremy on You Tube - The Arlington Rap. So, therefore Obama is just being cool dude in a loose mood. Acceptable!

Anonymous said...

I thought Obama was from Hawaii.

The only people I saw wearing flip-flops in Hawaii were tourists. The natives all wear open toed plastic sandals. They are a lot more comfortable to wear.

Anonymous said...

Guess again, Gerard. In Hawaii, flip flops are acceptable year round, even if you're not on vacation. You can also wear white after Labor Day there. :p

Anon, mainly you're right. Many locals prefer sporty sandals like Tevas because they are more comfortable and you're less likely to trip while wearing them. Doesn't mean they never wear flip flops though. And yeah Obama was born there so I think he qualifies as a native and knows what local customs are acceptable. ;)

Most people barely experience or understand Hawaii as a tourist destination much less learning about the local culture. Many mainland conventions have no relevance there.