Wednesday 27 October 2010

Water Skeletons: Bones Made From Fluids

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Welcome to the incredible world of water skeletons. Profoundly unique in shapes, sizes and extortionate forms of movement, it's hard to believe that these skeletons are purely made from internal fluids.

But how do they work? How do they move? Let's take a look at this remarkable skeleton evolution that represents some of the most unique aquatic species both beautiful and freaky in nature.

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Kirk said...

How do you actually access the original post to read more?

Emma said...

As the author of this article I found it strange that no credit has been given to the writer neither an actual link to the original work. I rather enjoy that bloggers enjoy my articles and publish them but its unfair not to recognize the true authors behind the handwork?

Gerard said...

@Kirk: You can access the original post by clicking on the link I provided (aquatic species).

@Emma: But I did provide a link to the original post. Click on 'aquatic species' and you will arrive at the page on Environmental Graffiti.

Emma said...

Okay I see this now. Am very sorry to sound defensive, you would just be surprised how often people use my work without giving any credit.

Thank you for posting my article :)