Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Klingon Opera Set To Launch In The Netherlands

The first authentic Klingon opera on Earth will be hosted in the Netherlands at the Zeebelt Theater, The Hague from the 9th to the 12th of September 2010. The opera, while attracting Star Trek fans from around the world, also invited some honoured guests. On April 18, a radio message was broadcast to the assumed location of Qo'nos, the Klingon home planet, approximately nine light years away.

Klingon opera uses the principle of musical combat. Beauty in Klingon music comes from the impact of two opposing forces. To quote a well known Klingon proverb 'qa’ wIje 'meH masuv' or 'We fight to enrich the spirit.' The Klingon orchestra is made up of various indigenous Klingon instruments, some that have never been heard on earth before.

Klingon Opera web site.

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