Friday 24 September 2010

Canadian Student Becomes First Human To Fly Under Own Power

Canadian engineering student Todd Reichert achieved sustained flight in a human-powered ornithopter for the first time in August, and has just filed a claim for a world record, according to the University of Toronto.

The Snowbird is the first contraption of its kind to allow humans to fly like birds, by flapping massive wings to create lift.

More info on the Snowbird.

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Anonymous said...

Not quite the first "human to fly under own power" (see the Gossamer Condor and Gossamer Albatross, ca. late 70's).

but still very cool.

there were many "human powered" machines that "flew", but the first true take-off and landing under human power, for a sustained period, was the Gossamer Condor. and shortly thereafter, the Gossamer Albatross took off and crossed the English Channel.

note that the Snowbird in this clip was towed into flight initially. Both the GC and GA were powered on take-off and thru flight entirely by a human

Gerard said...

Thank you for the additional information.

Anonymous said...

i think their claim to the record is for "powered by flapping wings"

i'll say it looked pretty elegant. i wonder if it is easier to maointain flight than the propeller powered 'Gossamer' planes? The early Goassamer experiments worked, but they were arduous efforts, requiring Tour de France-level strength to keep aloft for any length of time.

It kooks like this might be easier...