Wednesday 8 September 2010

6 Unique Uses Of Morse Code

I was a counter-intelligence officer in the army and used to work with Morse code. As usage of Morse code wanes, it's somewhat comforting, and surprising, to learn that its legacy lives on in the strangest of forms.

Here are six unique examples of Morse code being used in a variety of different items, some more successfully than others.

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WordyGrrl said...

I was an Army journalist, and did a story on some soldiers who's job still required the talent of using Morse code. Each sender has his own rhythm when tapping, and it sounds almost like musical beats. One fellow said, "Yeah, after a while, you learn to recognize the beats and you know exactly who's is sending them."

It may not be as prevalent, but I think Morse code will be around for a long time.

Gerard said...

You are right, WordyGrrl. You can indeed recognize the sender. Each telegraphist has his/her own rhythm and speed.

Elizabeth said...

You absolutely can begin to recognize the person on the other end. I think its pretty similar to recognizing handwriting or the sound of someone's footsteps.