Tuesday 20 July 2010

Track Renewal Train

Ever seen a train that builds its own track? The P811-S Track Renewal Train can do that. The train also replaces the wooden blocks that anchor the rail while the machine itself is still running on the same existing track. It's like changing your socks while keeping on your shoes.

(thanks Cora)

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tahrey said...

Safety glasses aren't a requirement so long as you've got your hard hat, boots and hi-viz jacket on. It's your choice whether you get blinded by a flying rock. I'd say it's rather low risk in that situation anyway.

BTW, those are concrete "blocks", quite self evidently. Wooden sleepers / ties haven't been in regular railway use for some decades now, they rot too quickly, aren't as strong, and are too flammable.

What I want to know is what's going on with the near-endless recycling of the roadbed gravel in the second half of the video... wasn't the first go-around enough? :)