Monday 14 June 2010

Vuvuzela To Be Banned From World Cup?

A vuvuzela is a blowing horn commonly blown by fans at football matches. The instrument emits a loud monotone. At the FIFA World Cup in South Africa vuvuzela's are blown from the beginning to the end of every match. During the event many competitors have criticised and complained about the noise caused by the vuvuzela horns.

Although the vuvuzela is an emblem of hope and unity for many in South Africa, they are also controversial. They have been associated with permanent noise-induced hearing loss, and commentators have described the sound as 'annoying'.

And complaints from television audiences all over the world are coming in by the thousands. South African organising chief Danny Jordaan is considering a ban of the vuvuzela during matches 'if there are grounds to do so.'

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Tim said...

Isn’t this why we watch the World Cup? To see the heritage of the host country as well as upsets like Japan over Cameroon and Ghana over Serbia this as well as Germany’s domination and the English and their goaltending woes. No wonder over 200 countries are tuning into 2010!! Oh’ also I am sure there is quite a few people paying attention to the WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of the players… all I gotta say is WOW, they are beautiful and Umbro is genius by having them promote their new line of clothing! See the WAG’s and clothing @
So who’s winning 2010? England? Spain? Germany? Who you got?

Anonymous said...


Er, nobody is "winning". Nobody has won until the final whistle of the final match.