Friday, 23 April 2010

The Presurfer Through The Eyes Of A Child

Ever wondered how your baby sees the world, or how they see you? In the first few months of life your child sees the world very differently to you. For the first time ever, using the Tiny Eyes engine, you can see the world through their eyes.

TinyEyes will show you how a baby sees an image that you provide. Our baby-vision simulation method is based on scientific studies of infant visual perception. Please remember that this is our best scientific guess about how a baby of a particular age would see the world. There is quite a bit of individual variability, so any particular baby may see things differently.

Here's a picture that shows The Presurfer as you see it (left) and how an 8-week old baby would see it (right).

(via J-Walk Blog)

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Unknown said...

The first dream I can remember having, I was roughly 3, was all in grey, various shapes of various sizes were floating around me. I can remember feeling frustrated when I woke up looking at all of the grey things in my bedroom, not understanding why they weren't pink. I had a hard time distinguishing pink from grey until I was about 5.
Maybe this has cleared up a little mystery for me.