Monday, 4 May 2009

Home Schooled

Home Schooled is a comics series by American artist Ash Jackson.
Co-writing by Silas Jackson.
The Presurfer will feature a Home Schooled cartoon every Monday. This is an absolute exclusive cooperation between The Presurfer and Ash Jackson.

Home Schooled is more or less a reflection of the wacky and occasionally interesting adventures of the artist, Ash Jackson, himself, with the aid of his friends, family, and other cohorts.

Title: Living the Dream.

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Anonymous said...


rob'o said...

i hope LIFE doesn't use any magic attacks, cause my clothes have like zero magic defense

andy said...

you should try Skill: Suicidaga; i think it's the only successful defense against Life

Isi said...

lol!! nice XD
counter with minimum-wage part-time job!!