Thursday, 16 April 2009

49 Reasons Why The BlackBerry Storm Smartphone Is The Ideal Gadget For International Travelers

When you're traveling this year, leave your laptop, digital camera, camcorder, alarm clock, satnav and phone at home.
Take a touch-screen BlackBerry Storm smartphone with you instead - You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

(thanks Andy)

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Anonymous said...

Smacks of little more than an advert for the Storm. Might be good for an individual but as a business blackberry it really sucks. I had one for two weeks and begged them to take it off me, the touch screen is dreadful. It felt like trying to type emails with boxing gloves on. Usually I can thumb out a few pages quite quickly but with the storm more of my email responses resorted to yes, no, fyi, simply because it was so tedious to type out a longer reply. I now have an 8900 and am MUCH happier with it.