Monday, 30 March 2009

Legal Drinking Age Around The World

The is a limit assigned by governments to restrict the access of children and youth to alcoholic beverages. Legal drinking ages vary from country to country, and sometimes, within a particular country. In most countries the legal age to purchase alcohol is either 16 or 18, but there are considerable variations: some countries do not recognize a drinking age and have children as young as 5 who drink wine.

Its a very common thing in some cultures for everyone in the family to have a glass of wine at dinner; others outlaw drinking; and still others, like India, mandate a drinking age as high as 25 in some states.
Bigger map here.

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Anonymous said...

The chart is a mess, at least in regard to Europe. For example Romania appears to have no drinking age limit while Portugal appears to have a limit at 16, when in fact neither country has a limit for drinking, while Portugal limits purchase at 16 and Romania at 18. Reference:

Anonymous said...

small mistake in Canada - legal age is 18 in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this map is seriously mixing up "drinking age" and "purchase age" etc.

In Denmark you have to be 18 to drink in restaurants bars, 15 to purchase, but there is no law against 12 year olds drinking as long as they don't purchase the alcohol themselves.

Anonymous said...

Also it is 18 in the province of Alberta, Canada!