Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My Google Adsense Income

Hey, look what I earned through Google Adsense. Yesterday was great with over $128,000 but today was a new all-time record with more than $153,000.

Well, not really! The Presurfer is for my (and hopefully your) fun only. But I'm sure you have noticed a lot of sites where the owner claims to be earning several thousands dollar each day through Google AdSense. His proof? A simple screenshot.

Now you can create your own proof by entering your amount in dollars into the Google Adsense Generator and show your friends that you are a true AdSense-millionaire.

5 comment(s):

Miss Cellania said...

Can I borrow a ten?

AmyOops said...

too funny.

Anonymous said...

Nope, we really do make that much (I do at least).
Oh wait, that's dollars, not cents. Never mind.

Googlecash said...

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mini projects said...

Atleast we can just check how our adsense page will look like if we really earn so much :)

Well you might have worked much hard for getting few thousand dollars per day i think.

I have started a few months ago. Still counting in cents/per day :(
But Wont leave till I get better cash from this ;)

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