Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Chocolate Beer

It's called Shokoraburuwari (Chocolate Brewery) and is made by Sapporo Breweries from Japan. I love chocolate. But I don't drink alcohol. So, I'll never know what this chocolate beer tastes like.

Sapporo Breweries Ltd and domestic confectioner Royce will release 'Chocolat Brewery' beer from January 14 in a limited quantity. The new beer features chocolate malt and cacao to create a balmy flavor and bitter taste.

Some 20,000 sets of 3 cans will be available on the company’s online site. From Jan 30, 12,000 cans of the beer will be available at shops only in Hokkaido.

4 comment(s):

mister anchovy said...

I can't imagine this combination.

Unknown said...

I like chocolate. I like beer. But the two chocolate beers that I've tasted were both horrible.

Anonymous said...

I liked very much new layout of The

Anonymous said...

There's another similar one called Imperial Chocolate stout in Japan from last year