Friday, 5 December 2008

The Heartbroke Daily

The Heartbroke Daily is a literary blog written in the voice of a fictional character, who, every day, relates the story of a different woman who broke his heart.

My name is Knox Dupree and I have held many titles in my years; poet, journalist, club manager, common thief, politician, accountant, filmmaker, fireman, scholar, stuntman, hobo, scientist, among others. The one I most prefer is 'human,' because if I have learned anything in my travels, it is that I am weak. In the immortal words of Sammy Cahn, I fall in love too easily, as a result, I suffer from near constant heartbreak.

Because of this chronic ailment, I have decided to start this daily blog, where I document the various sources of my persistent lovesickness. Hopefully, it will result in some new insights into the perplexing condition of humanity, for both myself and you, dear reader.

(thanks Henry)

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