Wednesday, 18 June 2008

US Congress And The Light Bulb

(thanks Henry)

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Anonymous said...

He makes some pretty decent points, imo.
Silly government, stop pestering us!

Simply Aaron said...

Wow, okay, so this guy really doesn't like cfl bulbs. Does he realize that fluorescent bulbs make up most office building illumination already. Does he realize that incandescent bulbs are less efficient in more ways than one and cost us more money in the end. Stupid fear-mongering scare tactics, he probably owns stock in some company.

Anonymous said...

I was very pro-CF bulbs, until I learned they have mercury and you need to handle a break very carefully. Personally, I don't want the most toxic metal on the earth inside a piece of glass on every table in my home (especially with my kids jumping around the living room)!

Until we have better (non-toxic) alternatives, I don't think they should ban them.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, it's not the most toxic. Every day coal burning plants dump loads of mercury into the atmosphere.

I don't like mercury either, or the fact that my dimmer switches will become dangerous with the CFLs, so I expect I'll be buying the LED lights, or I'll wait for the new silicon lights.