Friday 6 June 2008

Bicycle City

There is a niche of people in the world who want to live somewhere better. Somewhere that isn't an asphalt jungle. Somewhere their kids are safe and won't get hit by a car. Somewhere with clean air, beauty and a good job.

They want a new design for a city - a place that is designed and built now for this century. Bicycle City is a planned, compact design community. Its eco-friendly, car-free design is healthy, sustainable and animal-friendly.

Bicycle City is designed to have the best of large cities and small towns. Bicycle City is walking-, running- and cycling-friendly with most everything needed located nearby. If someone owns a car, they park it conveniently on the outside perimeter of the city. Children and animals are safer without motor vehicles. Without the need to drive to work, people use less energy, save money and have less stress.

(thanks Ashley)

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