Wednesday 28 May 2008

Smartest Browser And Operating System

IQLeague have some kind of online IQ test on their site and they group IQ scores of all visitors by different geographical locations. Here is an interesting part - they also group IQ Scores by referrer website and by client browser and operating system.

If you use an AppleMAC-Safari on UNIX, you belong to the smartest of people. If you use Internet Explorer on Windows98, you better start to worry.

(via Weird Blogs)

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Canopenner said...

iq tests are just a way for people to make themselves feel smart. Everyone knows they arent a measure of actual intelligence.

Judging by the lengths the people at IQleague goto to make themselves feel superior they must have very low self esteem indeed.

Im gonna go beat up some nerds now, because thats how I make myself feel superior, Ill be sure to ask them while I stomp their faces into the ground "WHOS SMART NOW?!? HUH?!?!?"