Wednesday 28 May 2008

How Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

Mouth infections can usually be cured very easily. But runaway dental infections can be treacherous. They have eaten through the skin in people's necks, choked off airways, migrated to the heart, burrowed into brains and, yes, even killed people.

Are you scared enough now? The point is, everyone is vulnerable, because bacteria that routinely lurk in the mouth cause tooth decay and gum disease. The problem: Most people don't know they have these infections.

Gum disease may also heighten the risk for heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and premature birth. But the good news is that with good old regular brushing and flossing, you may prevent all that. And by seeing your dentist often, you can nip most problems in the bud.

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Manipulo said...

Gerard! I look at your blog almost everyday. I have got to say that this link has helped me a great deal. You see, I am applying to dental school this summer. I have been struggling the past couple of weeks to write my personal statement. This article has given me so much freakin material to talk about. THANK YOU!!! Keep blogging awesome!

Gerard said...

Thank you for your kind words, Manipulo.