Tuesday 11 March 2008

Do You Believe In God?

People all over the world are asked if they believed in God?
On this page you can vote for yes or no. It then shows a country by country breakdown of the results.

(via Look At This...)

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Anonymous said...

What if they re-phrased the question: Do you believe that the world is run by invisible beings with magical powers, who need to be worshipped?

jimmiec said...

The answer to this question can never be right nor wrong. The conundrum with believing in “God”, is that the existence of God cannot be proven nor denied.
People may say that they can prove God’s existence in their own life through speaking with God (or your conscience), through “miracles” (sporadic or life changing events that cannot be explained, but have a logical answer that has not been acknowledged), or through following religion, but this is not actual proof, rather, it’s faith (spiritual belief in something or someone that you cannot physically interact with.).
However, God cannot be denied either. Scientists and great minds can somewhat explain the origin of life and the universe, but the existence of our soul and our conscience which are always seeking answers through common sense, but common sense is often times overlooked or blocked out due to the world’s media and societies’ indoctrination of how and what you should believe, cannot be explained. The mere fact that each of us are embedded with a desire of seeking out our own existence and answers of why we are here, whether it be through religion or personal endeavors, is an undeniable reasoning that there is something out there greater than us.

But for me, I'll vote yes for something greater that us, whether it be called God, Yahwehy, Elohim, Allah or whatever the world's language has come up with.