Sunday 9 March 2008

Boten Anna By Basshunter

Basshunter is a Swedish producer, a cyber geek who wrote a song about an experience with meeting a girl on the internet. The girl was called Anna, and the song 'Boten Anna'.

The song ended up in the hands of a local radio DJ who played it out on air. After its first airing the station was inundated with phone calls to play it again. The whole of Sweden got caught up in the story and when it was released in Scandinavia it became the fastest selling debut single since Abba, and Basshunter their biggest selling debut artist ever!

2 comment(s):

Unknown said...

I love this song! I used to listen to it everyday on my radio blog, but since then went down I haven't been able to listen to it.

Anonymous said...
Hehe. Better translation :P