Thursday 28 February 2008

The Condiment Packet Gallery

Chris Harne began collecting condiment packets in November of 2003. He discovered how many different condiment packets existed. A collector by nature, the only logical thing for him to do was attempt to get every different packet design he possibly could.

The Condiment Packet Gallery.

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EllaUmbrella said...

Hey buddy,
I collect condiment packet too!
Aint that dandy?
I'm 13 and i intend to collect them untill I get bored. But I never get bored so hopefully (fingers crossed) I will be as old and wrinkly as you when I finally give up my hobbie. You have only been collecting them for 5 years. Thats not very impressive is it?
Well, I hope you take my pojnts raised into consideration. And I also hope you don't take then the wrong way. After all us condiment-packet-collecters need to stick together.
Rely to:
Thanks matey.

Pixy Stoneskipper said...

Hey Buddy!

The Condiment Packet Gallery has been updated with 372 new high-resolution packet images.

Best Wishes,
Chris Harne
creator of the Condiment Packet Gallery
@condimentpacket on Instagram

Richard Majece said...

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