Thursday 17 January 2008

Tiredness Test

Take the Tiredness Test to see if you are wide awake or half asleep? Click your left mouse button as soon as you see numbers appear on the screen. Your reaction time indicates how tired you are. The test lasts around two minutes.

On average, 220 milliseconds would be a 'good' reaction time; people who are very tired take around 300 milliseconds.
I'm pretty alert. My average reaction time is 250 milliseconds.

(via J-Walk Blog)

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Wow! the reaction test is pretty neat! I took the test and scored an average of 287. I then drank a 12 oz can of mountain dew and 15 minutes later my reaction time was down to an average of 244.

Thanks for sharing!

Richard Majece said...

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