Tuesday 20 November 2007

Ugliest Man In The World?

Wealthy Croatian lawyer Emil Kacic says he must be the ugliest man in the world after having 5,000 marriage proposals turned down. Kacic has logged all the failures in a little black book. He said: 'Money can't buy you love, at least if you have a face like mine.'

'I've got to the point where I have even been asking women I am meeting in the streets to marry me, but they always say no.'

(via UniqueDaily)

4 comment(s):

mister anchovy said...

Maybe he's simply a jerk?

Anonymous said...

And ugly.

Anonymous said...

he's not so bad. probably just got no game.

shoppista said...

Has any woman on the street ever said "yes" to a random marriage proposal?

Dude, start by buttoning up the shirt a bit more. Maybe they're just saying no to your chest hair.