Friday 26 October 2007

Be A Music Faun Yourself

A newfangled extravagance is spreading amongst the music-lover youngsters of New York, which, after invading America, is sure to conquer the whole world. Ears becoming pointed as a result of plastic surgery not only enhance the attractiveness of the face, but also improve the experience of listening to music.

The creator of this operation is a Hungarian plastic surgeon, Dr. Lajos Nagy, who is currently practicing in New York, and who is soon going to introduce his new method the first time in Europe, in Hungary. Make your hearing perfect! Accentuate your personality!

9 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Looking at the pictures of before and after they are obviously fake. I am not one to just call things fake but who has the exact same hair 4 weeks after surgery. Also if you look at the ear it is the same on all the patients. My wife has had 3 nose surgery's so I am knowledgeable about post op photos. This has to be a humor site.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those photos have got to be fake. Sure the models have all changed their shirts, but that's it. The ears are all the same, the facial blemishes remain unchanged, the jewelry is the same "weeks" later, and their hair is all exactly the same length pre-and-post-op.

Anonymous said...

Pointed ears do exist, though. See BodyTwo/Modblog.

Anonymous said...

My sisters have one (sorta) pointed ear. It's a family trait.

One of my college friends has pointed ears and a longish nose!

mister anchovy said...

...and live long and prosper, eh?

Anonymous said...

I think this site is a hoax, but some research pulled up this...

Looks like ear pointing is something you can have done.

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