Wednesday 15 August 2007

Living With Strangers

What if someone was living in your house and you had no idea? Impossible, you say! Not quite! It's called phrogging.

To sneak into a house and live among its occupants without their knowledge. People who attempt this are referred to as phrogs. Phrogs try to respect the house's inhabitants as if they were roommates, by not breaking or taking, although mooching food is sometimes necessary for survival.

Phrogs rarely stay in a single house for more than a few days as the fear of getting caught settles in. Then it’s usually time to move on and the phrog will hop to a new pad. Phrogging can be attempted solo or in groups.

I'm not sure whether this is all true. I'm sceptical. It's either an interesting documentary or a prank.

2 comment(s):

Immortal Ping said...

try to find and see this movie

it features a phrogging master doing phrogging at the highest levels

Anonymous said...

In the early 70's I opened my home to a nice couple from North Carolina who were down on there luck.

They were phucking phreaks!

After they left, about a week later, they came back, broke into my house and stole all my phucking dope.

Phuck off you North Carolina phreaks.