Sunday 29 July 2007

Your Real Age

We all know that the choices we make and the medical conditions we have affect our lives. This Real Age Calculator shows how greatly we can alter our lives simply by cutting out that donut or smiling more. Answer some questions and get your Real Age.

Here are my results. I know that I look much younger than I am (I'm 57) and I also know that I usually act younger than I am, and the test results confirm that.

3 comment(s):

Dave said...

Huh. Real age: 2.8, life expectancy, 3.2.

See ya'll on the other side.

Dave said...

oops...that's 62.8 & 63.2. Still, I'm a dead man.

Miss Cellania said...

My life expectancy is 94.6! That's a shocker. And I'm not telling my chronological age, but my "real age" is 19 years younger.

I would have guessed you to be much younger than 57, but anyway I no longer consider 57 to be "old".