Monday, 21 May 2007

Michael Moore Rescues His Harshest Critic

Filmmaker Michael Moore has come to the rescue of his harshest critic. For several years now, Jim Kenefick has been railing against the Oscar-winning director on Recently, Kenefick wrote about the difficulty he was having paying his wife's medical bills.

Someone emailed him and asked if an 'anonymous' benefactor could offer to pay his first year's premiums of $12,000.
Kenefick found out that his secret benefactor is none other than Michael Moore himself. Still, he doesn't sound especially grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Read the email from dagon below. He should take a few bong hits and relax.

"Boy are you some serious asshole scumbag.

You are one more reason for hating the goddamn US

Have fun with a new civil war. Can’t be more than a decade before it starts in the US. What a fucked up country. And no murrcan should visit the netherlands. We are waiting here for americans, to beat them into the hospital. And if they voted Hitler errr Bush, then we might do worse than that.
[I'm glad I made a couple trips over there already. LOL]

If you didn’t have a loads of enemies of the US before 9/11 you sure made them afterwards.

But doncha worry, problem is gonna be over real soon. Later this year, a nice nuclear detonation, merely 1-2 kiloton around the washington mall hmmm? It’ll do the job of BREAKING the US. Welcome to a new 10 year depression, with riots, revolts and finally the collapse of the US into several warring bosnia-style third world nations."

Rodneylives said...

Having suspected Moore might be his secret patron, he contends that his bete noir made the gift just to publicize "Sicko," which takes aim at America's health-care system and, we've heard, touches upon Moore's covert generosity.

Oy! Without presenting evidence of this (and in the face of Moore specifically not trying to publicize the fact), this comes across as particularly sour grapes. AND it ignores that, for whatever reason, Moore did help the guy out when he had no reason to.

Sometimes the best way to respond to generosity is just to accept it.

"I knew he was using me," said Kenefick. "Moore is going to try to make me into one of his little puppets."

So, suspicion = guilt? Assistance = attack?