Friday, 11 March 2016

This Map Of Domain Names Flips The World On Its Head

On a map of the world scaled to the most popular top-level domains, the Pacific island of Tokelau reigns supreme. With more than 31 million .tk websites, the tiny New Zealand territory has more domain registrations than any other nation or territory in the world.

On the strange-looking world map, produced by UK domain registry Nominet, ( China is second on the list with 16.8 million registered domains on .cn. Germany (16 million on .de), the United Kingdom (10.6 million for .uk and and the Netherlands (5.6 million for .nl) complete the top five.

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Anonymous said...

Misleading. The vast majority of *.com registrations belong to United States entities. Include those and the U.S. expands to fill 90% of the map.