Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bullet Proof Baby

Bullet Proof Baby Industries is a baby protection company. Stella Stevenson, founder and CEO, realised there was a gap in the market for a range of products to protect babies in today's increasingly violent society.

At first I thought this was a joke, but it's not. The company is for real. They sell bullet proof jackets, riot helmets, riot shields, gas masks, and bomb blankets for babies. As well as bullet proof strollers and yes, toddler tasers.

I have mixed emotions about all this. On one hand I think I would do anything to protect my baby, on the other I'm not sure whether this is the way to do it.

What disturbes me most is the video that you get to see when you go to the site. The 'Bullet Proof Baby Stroller' product test. A real live baby is placed into a stroller, then a woman shoots at the stroller with a gun. The baby is then removed,apparently unharmed.

(thanks Gary)

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Anonymous said...

Your joke doesn't work. You cannot admit you think it's fake but then assure us it's not. It would be funnier to play it straight.

Anonymous said...

If you read my post carefully, I said that at first I thought it was a joke.

Upon further reading I realized it was not. And there's nothing funny about this!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I still think this is a gag.

This seems a bit much...

Dave said...

The only problem I have with this is the guy locking & loading what appears to be a full-auto weapon and handing it to this goofy gal, who then commences to point the thing down range while the other guy is putting the baby in the stroller, with her finger on the trigger...then shooting against a building in a parking lot.

If it isn't fake, the "grown-ups" in this thing need to be taken out and shot. Idiots.

Patrick said...

All their products are "OUT OF STOCK"?


Anonymous said...

Completely fake! Comeon, folks... the only thing the site really sells are the t-shirts and hats.

Please witness the wild firing, cgi muzzle flash and bullet "hits" and a few obvious cuts.

And who does live-fire testing in a parking lot in front of a concrete wall?

Anonymous said...

Of course it's fake.

They're selling T-Shits. In fact, I'm going to buy one as they're brilliant.

What a sad commentary that so many think this is real. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Viral marketing for the movie "Shoot 'em up" opening in September.

Anonymous said...

It's viral for Shoot 'Em Up.
Notice the copyright (All rights reserved © Shoot ‘Em Up Holdings Copyright 2007)

Also, check out: http://www.joblo.com/con-shoot-em-up

Unknown said...

Actually, at no point do you see a baby being placed in the stroller. You see a baby being held, then take off frame and you see a man place a bundle of something in the stroller. Pretty obvious slight of hand.

Anonymous said...

$3.95 for shipping a stroller?

Some of the testimonies seem too fake.

Sorry, not real dude.

Anonymous said...

OK, you idiots:

a) The baby site is a marketing device for the movie. How obvious is that?

b) This blog is in on the marketing act. No blogger worth his salt would fall for this joke, so saying 'it's not a joke' is just a ruse to fool the next guys who visits.

c) It's a great way to do marketing, as it gets linked to everywhere (including the naive Andrew Sullivan)

d) Go enjoy the moive

Eric said...

Umm, obvious fake (Baby Riot Gear?)

Try adding to cart and everything is out of stock.

Anonymous said...

Polo, this blog is not in on the marketing act. If you knew this site you would know that.

You obviously come here for the first time, and the first thing you do is call my readers idiots. That says a lot about yourself.

Wild Breeze said...

I'm by no means saying that this is real or not, I am commenting on the "slight of hand" comment, the video may cut away to the female attaining the gun; however, when cut back after "dad" moves out of the way, you can see the baby kick whilst in the stroller and the camera does not cut again until "(for the lack of a better word)lady" has the baby from the stroller.

Anonymous said...

That's what I noticed too, Laura.

Whether this is real or not, the video (whether that is real or not) testifies of very bad taste.

Anonymous said...


No Shells
No Holes in Wall

No Motors that supposed to be humming when the veil covering the baby comes down and the sound of the supposed motors sounds alot like a macanics air drill they use to unscrew wheels nuts. also her arm is doing all the work of the recoil of the gun and the gun shots are out of sink to the so called recoil... there seems no obvious sighs of any alteration/enhancement of the buggy if fabric is bullet proof wow there rich people lets throw away all the bullet proof vests and make clothes out of this stuff and we can all be invincable

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah forgot to add


Anonymous said...

Clearly a fake, but who cares? Its hilarious.

Plus, how many people do you think were drawn in by all the blogs linking to it. I'd be curious how many of their Cafepress items they managed to sell.

Btw, i'm shocked how boring the merchandise is given how much skill and time went into creating the site itself.

Anonymous said...

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